energy efficiency

Reduce energy consumption, enhance business value.

Like all aspects of your business, energy procurement, management, and saving has to be part of the strategy. Only then your business can remain competitive. We provide commercial, industrial, institutional, and government clients a complete set of energy efficiency services that will help them stay competitive and sustainable at the same time.

Not only will we look at modifications you can make to your facility, but we’ll also use our knowledge of energy markets to help you create a strategic plan that helps to avoid short term cost fluctuations, as well as long term investments to stay competitive. Each solution is customized to your requirements, and is responsive to changes that may take place internally within your business, as well as externally in the marketplace.

Start with an essential analysis
At this stage, we assess your building’s energy costs and efficiency by analyzing your energy bills to identify trends; comparing your building’s energy usage to that of other similar use buildings; and conducting a brief survey of the building. This first level energy analysis will identify low-cost/no-cost energy efficiency measures. It will also provide a list of potential capital improvements that merit further consideration.

Follow up with a deep dive
This type of audit includes a more detailed building survey and energy analysis with equipment inventory and usage data, and identifies and provides a cost-benefit analysis of practical measures that meet your constraints and economic criteria. Beneficial behavioral changes will be identified as well. This analysis also provides an identification of potential capital-intensive improvements that require more thorough data collection and analysis, along with an initial judgment of potential costs and savings associated with those improvements.

Consider total immersion
This level of analysis focuses on potential capital-intensive projects identified during previous steps and involves more detailed field data gathering and engineering analysis. It provides detailed project cost and savings information.

Not only can we evaluate your energy needs to determine where usage can be cut and money can be saved, we can also develop an energy procurement strategy to fit the needs of your company. Whether your priority is going green or saving the most money or a combination of the two, we can develop the energy procurement strategy that’s right for you.