energy efficiency

Substantial tax incentives and grants available for energy investments.

The U.S. has a long history of supporting energy infrastructure through the U.S. tax code. The market certainty provided by a long-term investment tax credit (ITC) for solar energy has supported private investment in manufacturing and project construction, a vital part in meeting U.S. energy policy goals, driving cost-cutting innovation and job growth.

Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) 

The ITC reduces tax liability for individuals or businesses that purchase qualifying solar energy technologies, encouraging investment and spurring growth in solar energy.

Depreciation of Solar Energy Property

Similar to many other sectors of the economy, the U.S. Tax Code allows businesses investing in qualifying solar energy property to recover certain capital costs through income tax deductions.

Solar Tax Exemptions 

Solar tax exemptions, including both property and sales tax exemptions, are provided by state and local governments to help lower the costs of owning solar energy property.

Solar Financing Policy

The availability of financing for solar energy projects is a critical issue for the industry. We monitor financial regulations and legislation that may affect the markets for solar financing, as well as a number of specific programs that facilitate the development of solar energy projects of all sizes and technologies.

DOE Loan Guarantee Program

The Department of Energy Loan Guarantee Program (LGP) supports financing of renewable projects and manufacturing facilities, helping to deploy clean energy technologies across the U.S.

Third-Party Solar Financing

Third-party solar financing allows residential and commercial solar customers to purchase solar through leases, power purchase agreements, and other alternative ownership models.