amidus energyInsight

EnergyInsight by amidus: a complete, hosted software solution to analyze energy performance of your entire portfolio.

How does it work?

All we need from you are your utility bills. We then use sophisticated algorithms to obtain insight about energy consumption patterns. The analyzed results are available at a secure internet site, segmented by individual buildings through the whole portfolio. User can monitor energy use by year, quarter, month, and season.

The application answer’s questions such as:

  • How much is my energy expense?
  • Which buildings are using the most (or least) energy per sq.ft. or apartment?
  • What is my average unit price for electricity, gas, water, etc?
  • How much is my energy expense as a percentage of building revenue?
  • How much is my energy expense as a percentage of my overall building expense?

Energy Scenario and Planning

With our software you can forecast how your energy expenses are going to vary based on expected utility price changes. You can even take inflation into account.


Benchmark your portfolio and individual buildings against similar peer buildings.We can compare your buildings against other buildings in the region in our database, nationally recommended energy consumption levels per unit of area, as well as recommended energy consumption levels.

Energy Market Updates

We follow the energy industry continually, and provide useful updates in the application. That helps our clients stay ahead of any major market movements, enabling them to plan effectively, and lower their energy expense risk.

Energy Actions

We analyze the energy consumption data and provide you with an Energy Action Report,
a list of measures that you can actually implement and reduce your energy consumption. We
can even provide consulting services to develop a full business case and implementation
management as well.

Volume Energy Discounts

We can leverage the amount of energy consumed by all the buildings in our database to obtain significantly discounted energy prices for our clients.

Easy to use

  • No user training required: simple and intuitive
  • No investment or sub-metering: we use sophisticated algorithms to obtain insights
  • No software installation: we host the solution for you
  • No data entry burden on you: we do that for you
  • Available 24/7 via internet